Apeiron Blue Santorini: Inspired by the Caldera view

Apeiron Blue Santorini

A beautiful project has taken place at my studio these last few weeks and I am so happy to share it with you! Four different collections of artworks were created for the 34 luxurious suites of the amazing Apeiron Blue at Santorini island. All four series are inspired by the Aegean blue, the breathtaking Caldera view of the island and the zen atmosphere of the resort.


The first collection is called “Apeiron” and is a series of abstract artworks with hard textured surfaces in shades of cobalt and nautica blue. Apeiron is inspired by the deep blue sea of the Aegean and is composed by 7 mixed media canvas.


The second collection is “Dive”. Dive is a series of 5 different artworks, inspired by the Big Blue and the feeling of freedom when diving in crystal clear waters. It is a series dedicated to the beauties of the Aegean sea.
One of my favorites, the third collection, called “Horizons” is inspired not only by the breath-taking rooms’ view of Caldera but is also a tribute to one of my favorite artists, Rothko. The collection consists of 9 different abstract landscapes in different shades of blue and turquoise combined with a delicate detail of gold leaf.
Finally, the last collection is called “Gaia” and is inspired by the geometrical round shapes of the Aegean architecture and the soft palette of earth. These 8 soothing and minimalistic artworks come in a total contradiction with their intense texture. 8 artworks of mixed media on stretched canvas.

The dimensions of all artworks are 100×100 cm .

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