The Aegean Lovers series at Royal Senses Resort & Spa, Crete

June 7, 2021

Explore your Senses: “The Aegean Lovers” series at The Royal Senses Resort & Spa, Crete This was quite a challenge! I had 5 days ahead of me in order to create, pack and send a series of 10 artworks for this amazing, 5-star hotel in Crete, The Royal Senses Resort & Spa,Curio Collection by Hilton. But to be honest, the actual challenge was not the time factor. The theme of this project and the fact that I had to leave realism aside for a while and experiment with other techniques, color palette and forms was the real challenge. The thing it, that, on this series, I really wanted to try to connect bodies and forms with the Aegean blue, the greek history and the sense of freedom greek islands offer to the visitors. Finally, the “Aegean Lovers” series became a 4 color palette ode to the minimalism, where bodies and…

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Last days of Intersect 21

March 14, 2021

Last days of Intersect 21… This exhibition has trully been a great experience and I am quite sad knowing that it will end soon. Intersect 21 is an interesting digital trip, a mixture or cultures, different places of the world and artistic approaches. It is also a highly curated platform for cultural exchange. The project highlights a selection of galleries from the MENA region and from Southern California.  It examines the similarities and differences in the contemporary art, design, and photography fields in California, the Middle East, and North Africa through daily programming. You can see the exhibition’s video here. I am very happy to be taking part with Al-tiba 9 Gallery, curated by Mohamed Benhadj with the Algerian Booth (what? Greece was not taking part in it!). The selection of artworks is absolutely breathtaking and there are some pieces of art that, honestly, I would die to have in…

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The privilege of being an artwork

February 24, 2021

Lately I have been feeling a kind of peculiar jealousy for my paintings, the ones that can be exhibited in other countries, in Art Fairs and exhibitions around the world, letting me, their creator and mother deeped down in the black depths of quarantine. Ok, it sounds a bit too dramatic when I say that, I know, But you know what? For me and for many other artists out there, it actually is. Because being an artist is about spending many days in frustration or disappointment or feeling lost and exhausted by bringing yourself to the edges. And travelling around the world due to exhibitions and Art Fairs, meeting interesting people and places are some of the main reasons why people become, and remain, artists. It gives motivation for creativity and dreams. At least it does for me. So when you know that your country is in a hard hard…

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The quarantine and the faces that were left unfinished. The Fragments series

February 6, 2021

The quarantine and the faces that were left unfinished. The Fragments series! Lately, I have been diving myself in my new series of paintings, called “Fragments”. It is a series presenting young girls oil portraits. These faces are all full of youth and freshness, a beauty that is envied and treasured. Their common ingredient is that they all stay unfinished yet finished in a way that paint is draining in large tears on the canvas’ surface. Faces so real because of the detail, so unreal because of their unearthly beauty and so unfinished because of the large canvas spaces left unpainted or painted with big amounts of thick, black paint. The fact is that we are in the middle of the 3rd quarantine period, due to covid19. In Greece we are all obliged to wear a mask everywhere so, I almost never see peoples’ faces anymore. Except from my family,…

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Finding “Nikki”

November 9, 2020

Hello there, I hope you are all safe and sound. These last few days I have been trying to finish a young girl’s portrait, “Nikki”. As it usually happens with all my paintings, I start knowing exactly what I want to do and while working on it, everything changes. Sometimes I actually tend to believe that the painting decides for its own fate, regardless my will. This is exactly the case with “Nikki”. I started having a vision of an ethereal beauty that is blown by the wind and gradually vanishes in the white background. I wanted it to be loose and dreamy. Everything went as planned until I saw this dream the other night where Nikki was a wild clubber, coming in a club, like a  contemporary madonna with neon pink lights over her blond hair. That was it. She decided something different and I couldn’t do anything about…

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My artistic diary

November 7, 2020

Hello, I am Christina and this is will be my artistic diary. I will be sharing with you art I love, art I make, art I would like to make and what’s in between them~ pieces of life, tubes of oil colors, cups of cold, forgotten tea, arias and adagios. I am so happy to do this. I hope we will have fun together! love, Christina Spread the love

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