Finding “Nikki”

November 9, 2020

Hello there, I hope you are all safe and sound. These last few days I have been trying to finish a young girl’s portrait, “Nikki”. As it usually happens with all my paintings, I start knowing exactly what I want to do and while working on it, everything changes. Sometimes I actually tend to believe that the painting decides for its own fate, regardless my will. This is exactly the case with “Nikki”. I started having a vision of an ethereal beauty that is blown by the wind and gradually vanishes in the white background. I wanted it to be loose and dreamy. Everything went as planned until I saw this dream the other night where Nikki was a wild clubber, coming in a club, like a  contemporary madonna with neon pink lights over her blond hair. That was it. She decided something different and I couldn’t do anything about…

My artistic diary

November 7, 2020

Hello, I am Christina and this is will be my artistic diary. I will be sharing with you art I love, art I make, art I would like to make and what’s in between them~ pieces of life, tubes of oil colors, cups of cold, forgotten tea, arias and adagios. I am so happy to do this. I hope we will have fun together! love, Christina