Fragments VΙ

Fragments VΙ

50 cm diameter, round canvas
Oil on canvas

This artwork was recently painted, during the second lock down period due to Covid restrictions in Thessaloniki, Greece.

It is part of a portrait series called “Fragments“, painted by my growing urge to come in contact with the thing I mostly miss nowadays: faces. Covid has taken expressions, has taken beauty, has taken lips that smile, spit words, laugh out loud and kiss away from us. And this series of paintings comes to offer me a placebo, remind me of the way faces were, when lips and eyes agree, express feelings and whisper to ones heart.

The whole series is being left unfinished yet finished in a symbolic attach to everything that is being left unfinished during this last year. Jobs, affairs, relationships, projects, dreams, trips, expectations, all hanging loosely, almost floating under the grey pandemic sky, waiting for the wind to finally blow and clear the clouds…

Fragments VI is painted with oil colors on stretched, round canvas surface.