Glowing Darkness

Place: Thessaloniki, Greece

Year: 2023

The project: 12 new abstract, contemporary, big dimension paintings, a series of artworks created by the artist in order to be presented at the opening event of her new Studio/ Art Gallery, at the center of Thessaloniki on the 24th of November 2023.

In the darkest hours, there where you almost lose yourself, there is where the light exists. A powerful spark that comes from the deepest struggles, a light that liberates and evolves you, a glowing strength. That is the exact point where you meet yourself…

“Light lies in my Darkness / Soul lies in my Chaos / Freedom lies in my Sorrow

A place where all are 

Connected / Rebuilt / Deconstructed.

Shapes / Bodies / Beliefs / Ethic / Fears / Lust / Boundaries / Happiness.

Abolished / Reborn.

There, where my Light meets my Darkness”.


Glowing Darkness Collection 2023