Hug me

Hug Me

50x70x4 cm
Oils & Acrylics on canvas

A woman’s back, tender flash in a posture of solitude and loneliness. A cry for tenderness, a need to be loved, to feel the human touch but also a way to say: back off, go away now.

“Hug me” is part of the “Female project” which started in 2019, a series of paintings aiming to express the contemporary women loneliness, fears, challenges and isolation. The whole series is a combination of photorealistic body parts and pop aesthetic lettering.

The “Female project” series was exhibited in 2019 in a solo show in Athens called “Selfie

“Hug me” was also exhibited in “Roys Art Fair” in London, in 2019, where it found its place in a private collection in London.

Theme is painted with oil and acrylic colors on stretched canvas.

Inspired by the photography artworks of talented photographer Delphine Millet