Hyatt Zoetry Halkidiki

Place: Thessaloniki, Greece

Year: 2024


Presenting The Hyatt Zoetry Collection

Commissioned series of artworks on behalf of the amazing, new Hyatt Zoetry Halkidiki Resort & Spa, at Potidaia, Halkidiki.

Strongly connected with the 4 elements, this 5* hotel’s concept, is a constant interaction between the human and the earth, the salty sand and the summer breeze, the smell of the wet ground and the aura of nature. 
This is why the mediums I selected for this extraordinary hotel are touchable, defined, earthy and textured. 
A series of paintings that you can touch, feel and see, while traveling through their ribs, feeling comfortable and relaxed through their warm color palette. 
Each artwork is unique, a different piece of earth, an ode to mother nature.

The collection consists of:

  • 86 Artworks 90×70 cm
  • 12 triptych 160×50 cm
  • Acrylics, cement, sand and plaster on stretched canvas
Making of...

The Hyatt Zoetry Collection 2024