King Minos Resort: Artworks praising the Minoan Ages Beauty

King Minos Resort

These last few weeks I have been working on an amazing project for the 5* King Minos Retreat Resort & Spa in Crete. Two different series of artworks, “Minoas” and “Minoan Senses”, each one of them composed by 10 different themes, were created in order to take their places at the 20 luxurious suites of the hotel. Both series were inspired by the Minoan ages and the Archeological findings of that period, and more specifically, the famous Snake Goddess statue, the beautiful wall art figures discovered at the Ancient Knossos Palace, the Minotaur figure and complexity of Labyrinth.

The first series called “Minoas” is composed by 10 different themes presenting geological form complexions and naturalistic surfaces in grey, ivory and terracota, combined with minimalistic figures of Minoan findings in gold.

The second series called “Minoan Senses” presents a series of figures and forms complexions, in a smooth primitive dance of forms at the same earthly color palette.

The dimensions of the 19 artworks are 100×100 cm  and there is also a diptych composed by two 60×140 pieces. Materials are acrylics and gold enamel on stretched canvas.

The project was accomplished in collaboration with Schema 4 Architects, Thessaloniki.

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