50x70x4 cm
Oils & Acrylics on canvas

Original painting by contemporary artist Christina Michalopoulou, Greece, 50×70 cm

Photorealistic old woman hands in a white, abstract environment. Mother hands portrait, growing older in a gentle, full of dignity and beauty way. The inner beauty, the history of every woman, hands that nourished, took care, caressed and loved. A painting declaring the inheritance of love, the relationship between mother and child, an untold story. A painting about the fear of getting older, of the feeling that time flies through our fingers.

“Mamma” is part of the “Female project” which started in 2019. It is a series of paintings aiming to express the contemporary women loneliness, fears, challenges and isolation. The whole series is a combination of photorealistic body parts and pop aesthetic lettering.

Theme is painted with oil and acrylic colors on stretched canvas.

The “Female project” series was exhibited in 2019 in a solo show in Athens called “Selfie” and in Roys Art Fair, London, 2019