The privilege of being an artwork

Lately I have been feeling a kind of peculiar jealousy for my paintings, the ones that can be exhibited in other countries, in Art Fairs and exhibitions around the world, letting me, their creator and mother deeped down in the black depths of quarantine.

Ok, it sounds a bit too dramatic when I say that, I know, But you know what? For me and for many other artists out there, it actually is. Because being an artist is about spending many days in frustration or disappointment or feeling lost and exhausted by bringing yourself to the edges. And travelling around the world due to exhibitions and Art Fairs, meeting interesting people and places are some of the main reasons why people become, and remain, artists. It gives motivation for creativity and dreams. At least it does for me.

So when you know that your country is in a hard hard lock down situation for a long time, almost 4 months now, and you know you are not allowed to get out after 18.00, due to curfew, but your artworks, ah, your artworks are packed and ready to travel to NY or London or Vienna or any other beautiful corner of this world, well, then you start to feel a bit jealous…

Where did all this come from? Lately, I was informed that I would be receiving an “Outstanding Woman Artist Achievement Award” by Manhattan Arts International, for my “Cocoon” painting participation at the “HerStory” Exhibition. And as much excited I was to be awarded this way by amazing curator Renee Philips, I couldn’t stop thinking that I wanted to get on the first plane to NY and bring back this amazing award by myself.

I know, this is absolutely the tiniest of the bad-things-list that can actually happen to somebody during the pandemic. Of course I understand that. But I can’t help feeling like this and sharing it with other artists make me feel a bit less restricted.

Well, anyway, the “HerStory” Exhibition is really worth visiting. You can see some exceptional artworks exhibited there. It will be on till the 2nd of March so, if you have some spare time, do “art” yourself, it is the best anti-quarantine medicine!

And if you too have sad art stories of the pandemic  life, I would be really glad to hear about them!